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TVLL Policy on Field Closure Due to Inclement Weather

With our season officially started, we want to reiterate the process TVLL uses to determine if the fields are open, how we communicate this information, and what happens if a game is cancelled due to bad weather.  We appreciate your patience and understanding when games or practices are cancelled as our policy has an emphasis on protecting the children and preserving our fields. We also remind you that it is your responsibility to check the status of the fields and for coaches/team parents to communicate field closures to your teams.

TVLL will make every attempt to play games/allow practices on their designated day.  We know that you have already prepared your child to play that day, made arrangements to get them to/from the game, etc. Additionally, it is very difficult on the league and parents when we start rescheduling games, as it may be necessary to reschedule games on short notice or on days where parents have commitments for other activities.  This philosophy may result in TVLL keeping the fields open as long as possible, and not closing them until right before (or even at) the scheduled start time. In many cases, the decision to play or not play is a “game time decision”. 

Determining if a game is cancelled

The Town of Danville will determine if fields are open. Field status can be found on the Home Page. Also, the Town of Danville has a Rain Hotline to call to check the status of field closures: 925-314-3484. The town updates this line twice a day when needed.

Who to contact

Your manager will be your point of contact regarding game status.  The website will be the official status.

Makeup games

Games will be re-scheduled as best as possible.  Major and Minors games will be scheduled first (as those divisions have standings).  The lower divisions will be rescheduled to the best of our ability, but there is a chance that not all games will be rescheduled.

Game Cancellation Prior To Start Once at Game Location and Once Game Has Begun

Adult umpires or junior umpires/Adult Gameday Coordinators  (AGC) should agree game will not be played due to weather or field conditions. Managers will notify all players upon their arrival the game has been cancelled. In a situation prior to the game where the adult umpires or junior umpires/AGC have yet to arrive, the decision making process of suspending a game is to be escalated to the following (in order), the UIC (Eric Greathouse), President (Tom Hennigan), Safety Director (Simon O'Connell), Vice Presidents (Shawn Hanshaw,Chris Brown), for a final suspension/cancellation of a game. The managers are instructed to contact the listed board members in the given order. Adult umpires or junior umpires/AGC may also contact the listed board members for further input. It may be the decision of the Adult umpires or junior umpires/AGC (or managers in Single A, Rookie and Tee- Ball) to cancel the game after the game has started, due to weather or field conditions. Again, adult umpires or junior umpires/AGC may also contact the listed board members for further input in suspending the game.

Result of a Rainout or Field Condition

If a rainout call occurs after the players have completed four innings, the game is considered official, which means that the team currently in the lead is the game's winner even if the game cannot be played to completion. If an inning has not been complete, the score will revert back to the previous inning.  A tie at the time a rainout is called during an official game suspends the game until play can be resumed on another day. Additionally, a rainout after one full inning but before four innings also suspends the game, with play to be resumed on another day, even if one team is in the lead. In both instances, play begins immediately where it stopped, with players in the same positions -- including on bases if necessary -- and the number of balls, strikes and outs consistent. UIC has discretion on rescheduling of umpires.  If a rainout occurs before one full inning, then the game will start over on another day as if it were a brand-new game.

Game Cancellation By The League Prior To Start

For subsequent games, Fields Director/President or his representative have the ability to cancel games at all fields.  If the director believes the field will be damaged or the conditions are not safe for kids to play on, an email will be sent out to all managers notifying them the game fields are down.

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