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2019 Player Movement Policy

Local League Rules: Spring 2019 Season

In accordance with Little League International rules, Section I (d) the TVLL local league rule shall also be such that when a team loses a player to illness, injury, change of address, decides to leave the team or any other justifiable reason for the balance of the season, another player shall be obtained through the Player Agent, to replace the one that is lost.

Players that may be temporarily injured or ill, per the Little League International rules, Section I (d) book, it is at the discretion of the local league to determine the number of days a manager has to replace a lost player. TVLL's local rule shall be 21 days, or a maximum of 6 games, until April 1st, 2019, where after such date, no replacement player is then required. The Manager is required to alert the Player Agent of the lost player when they are informed but not later than when the player misses play in a game or practice. The manager must submit a Doctor's diagnosis of the injury and a prognosis of the healing time to the Player Agent a week after the player misses the initial game. The 21 day period starts when the player misses their first game or practice. If a Majors team has 13 players on their roster, and loses one player, that player doesn’t have to be replaced and the roster can fall to 12. Similarly, AAA or AA will not have to replace and injured player if their roster already had 13 players. Little League International also encourages the promotion of lower division players to fill roster spots at the upper divisions when players are injured or ill to give them the experience and opportunity that mirrors the Farm and Minor League systems of Major League Baseball.

Teams who experience a lost player as described above, the Manager must make their replacement pick to the Player Agent within 48 hours of the lost player’s inability to participate per the stated local rules. Managers are prohibited from recruiting players from outside the league. Once a player has been officially released from a team for any reason, the Player Agent will consult with the league to see if any new players recently registered that are not on a team. The Player Agent has the authority to place any newly registered player on the team of his choice, even if it increases the number of players on a team to greater than 12. For Majors, if there are no replacement players available, the manager of the affected team will select a player from the AAA division. Manager’s and coach’s (applies only to the coach paired during the draft) kids are not eligible to be selected.

The AAA team that loses a player must now find a replacement using the same steps above. The manager of the affected team will select a player from the AA division. The AA team that loses a player must now find a replacement using the same steps. The manager of the affected team will select a player from the A (formerly Farm) division (a player who attended Player Evaluations but was not selected to a minor division team)

An eligible player is defined as a player in the league below and not a manager’s or paired coach’s kids. An eligible player’s age must conform to the guidelines of the new division (i.e. a 9 year old may not be drafted to Majors).

In order, to promote parity in our league, each team who loses a player through this policy will not have another player removed until all of the other teams in their same division have also lost a player. In the case of a player’s refusal to move up, the team that added a lower division replacement player becomes guarded from losing another player.

Once a Manager selects a player for consideration to be called up, the Player agent will consult with the prospective player’s family on their interest to be called up and provide feedback to the Manager. It will then be the Manager’s sole decision if they would like to proceed with the call up or chose another player. This process will be repeated until the Manager makes their official player movement request. 

While parents will be asked for their willingness for their child to be called up, any player who declines the movement request shall be deemed ineligible for all future player movement requests, and the player will be immediately moved to fill the vacancy roster spot on a different team that resulted in a player from a different team to be called up. That player will be eligible for post season play and all-stars. 

If the player movement takes place in any division where the Player Agent has a child also playing in that division, then to avoid any potential conflict of interest, another Board Member may act in the capacity of the Player Agent for such player movement. 


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