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2022 Pool Player Regulations and Guidelines

A Player Pool is a pool of rostered players from existing regular season teams that are willing to participate in extra games during the regular season when teams face a shortage of players needed to avoid forfeit for a game within their respective division. The Tassajara Valley Little League Executive Board with input and support from the community has voted and approved the following additional guidelines to promote a positive and beneficial situation for the rostered players, pool players, managers and teams within our league.

  1. TVLL Player Agent:
    • Player Agent (PA) for the Majors, AAA, and AA division will create and run the pool for their divisions. PA will reach out to the managers in their respective divisions as soon as teams are finalized to reach out to their families to encourage participation in the Player Pool.
    • PA  will use the Player Pool to assign players within their respective division to teams that are short of players on a rotating basis. Pool players will be placed in the rotation based on when they agreed to become a pool player. Once they play a game as a pool player their name is moved to the bottom of the list of eligible pool players. PA will deplete all eligible pool players before we re-assign pool players that have already been used. A Pool Player that respectfully declines will stay in the same place in order.
    • PA will support the maximum age limitations and requirements for their division.
    • PA will share the Pool Player’s rules with the pool player to ensure they are wearing their regular teams uniform.
  2. Managers:
    • Managers and/or coaches should reach out to the PA as soon as possible but no later than 24 hours prior to their game to arrange for a pool player. TVLL will attempt to accommodate Managers requiring a pool player within 24 hours prior to game time, but can not guarantee.
    • Managers and/or coaches will not reach out directly to a potential pool player or their family. This will be managed by the PA.
    • Managers and/or coaches do not have the authority to pick and choose players from the pool within their respective division nor will they be provided access to who is on the list.
    • Managers in Single A, Farm and Rookie will coordinate among themselves to balance players from an opposing team to meet a player shortage on game day to prevent a forfeit. .
  3. Little League International Player Pool Regulations:
    • Pool players are not allowed to pitch.
    • Pool players must play at least nine consecutive defensive outs.
    • Pool players must bat at least once.
  4. TVLL Pool Players:
    • Pool players will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.
    • Pool players can not exceed a team's maximum age limit requirement as set in the draft.
    • Pool players are eligible to participate in a double header. PA may choose to assign other pool players if needed and will decide how best to assign players.
    • Pool players must wear their regular team’s uniform.
    • Pool players must be listed on the lineup card as a Pool Player.
    • Pool players can be used to staff a team up to 9 players including the pool player.
    • Pool players will be provided for crossover games versus other leagues.
  5. Rostered Players:
    • Rostered players will sit no more than 1 inning.
    • Rostered players may show up after the game starts.
    • Rostered players may enter and play in the game at any time and at any position consistent with the normal league rules.
    • The pool player may continue to participate in the game as long as he meets the fielding and batting order and does not exceed the maximum age or player roster requirements.

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