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TVLL is a member of California District 57. There are 9 local leagues that comprise District 57.

Each year at the conclusion of the regular season, TVLL is represented by All-Star teams: Senior's, Junior's, Intermediate,  12/11 year olds, 11/10 year olds, and 10/9 year olds. These teams participate in the District 57 International All Star tournaments. In addition to the District 57 tournament, the 11/10 team and 10/9 team may advance to Sectional and Divisional International All Star tournaments. The Senior's, Junior's, Intermediate and 12/11 year old teams may advance to the Little League World Series.

TVLL also participates in tournaments hosted by other District 57 leagues during the summer. In the event that the League receives sufficient qualified applicants and managers, additional “Tournament” teams will be formed to participate in these events. It is TVLL's goal to have tournament teams at the 9, 10, 11, and 12 year old age groups. 

***Player applications are requested no later than May 1, 2023***


Congratulations to our All Star Managers/Coaches:

9U - Matt Purkiss and Simon O'Connell
10U - Justin Swigert and Mike McFarland
11U Dave Cook and Howie Kessman
12U - Steve Montoy

TVLL will have the following All-Star teams:

  • International (eligible for official District level play)
    • 10/11/12 Majors
    • 9/10/11 Division
    • 8/9/10 Division
  • Tournament (eligible for D57 Summer Tournament play)
    • 12 year olds
    • 11 year olds
    • 10 year olds
    • 9 year olds (2 teams)

Time Commitment

Post-season play is a unique and rewarding experience for Little League players, as they play against many other teams in our district and throughout the Bay Area. In general, the time commitment is from June 1 through the last week of July, although the 12/11 team, if wildly successful, could play through the Little League World Series at the end of August.

Practice schedule is at the all-star manager's discretion, which could be as much as every non-game day.

In light of the significant time commitment, TVLL has adopted a policy that requires that each player be available for all scheduled tournaments and a majority of the practices. In years past, there were all-star teams that could not field a team due to player absence. Parents must be honest and transparent regarding the player’s ability to meet time commitments through the All-Star season. Failure to meet stated commitments may result in the player being released from the team.


TVLL has zero tolerance for any player, coach, manager, League official, or parent campaigning for a player or interfering in the player selection process. If approved by TVLL's Board, any player, coach or manager interfering in any way with this process may become ineligible for tournament play.

Unavailability Declaration

The fact that a player may be unavailable during the dates of All-Star tournament play, it will not disqualify that player from consideration for an All Star or Tournament Team. It is vital that the league be aware of dates that players are unavailable so that a manager can plan accordingly. Therefore, please be sure all possible vacation, camp, or other dates have been listed before submitting the commitment form.

Tournament Team Eligibility

A player must have been eligible to play in at least 60% of his or her team's regular season games to be eligible for All-Stars.

Postseason Tournament Rules

District 57 Tournament of Champions (TOC) and All-Star Tournaments are governed by a different set of rules than the regular season. These rules are located in the back of your green book.

Summer Tournaments hosted by leagues are governed by the District 57 Summer Season Tournament Rules and Tournament Guide.

Playing Time

Playing time is controlled by Little League Rules for Tournament Play or by the League sponsoring the tournament, and is different from regular season. In particular, the District tournament and some of the invitational tourneys will play 9 man batting orders, with minimum play rules of one at-bat or one inning in the field for each player. The all-star manager will determine player rotation, positions, playing time and batting order. The manager is responsible to assure that all rules regarding playing time and pitching rotation are complied with. Parents should expect that some players will get only the minimum amount of playing time in some all-star games, particularly in the official District tournaments.

Post Season Registration Fee

TBD for 2023

Birth Certificates & Residence Verification Documents

An original birth certificate or certified copy with an original seal is required for play on the All-Star Teams. These certificates along with specific address verification documents are used by the District to verify age. Residence is verified with the following documents showing current address within our League Boundaries:

  1. Parent's Driver's License
  2. Home Insurance Bill, HOA Statement, Property Tax Bill, Mortgage Statement
  3. Utility Bill showing service address (e.g. PG&E, EMBUD, Comcast/Xfinity)

A player unable to submit proper documentation will be unable to play in the Official Little League Tournaments.

Medical Release Forms

In addition to Birth Certificates and Proofs of Residency, a completed Medical Release Form is also required to be submitted for all All-Star players. These will be generated from the All-Star Registration for all players. Coaches and all volunteer adults on the field will need to fill out a form manually.

Little League Medical Release Form

Managers & Coaches

  • Applications are required to be submitted by March 19, 2023.
    If you are interested in managing/coaching an All-Star Team, please submit the following to [email protected]
2. Years in the League
3. Current Kid(s) in the League by Division
4. Would you coach a tournament team if not selected as district coach?
5. Would you coach a district team if your child is not selected on the district team?
6. What is more important: winning or development and why?
7. How much time per week are you willing to commit?
8. How can we improve from prior years on All-Star experience/record?
9. What are your ideas on player/team development?

  • Interviews will take place the week of March 20
  • Coaches announced on April 8
  • Players selection May 3
  • Practice can start May 15

All-Star Committee

Justin Kinser (President)
Jeremie Davis (Player Agent)
Andy Betzina (Secretary)
Nick Windle
Chris Windle

Tournament Schedule Showing Host League

2023 Tournament Schedule found on the District 57 site

Contact Us

Tassajara Valley Little League

PO Box 3216 
Danville, California 94526

Phone: 925-452-7692
Email: [email protected]

Tassajara Valley Little League

PO Box 3216 
Danville, California 94526

Phone: 925-452-7692
Email: [email protected]
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