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Make-up Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 14.

If you missed Photo Day and have not yet signed up for Make-up Day, please select appropriate link below:

Teams will be assigned a photo time, just like Photo Day, and individual players will be given a timeframe which they may attend as “walk-ups”. Target release date of Make-up Day schedule is 1-2 weeks beforehand – thanks in advance for your patience!


All families must compete 8 hours of volunteer time. Please review our Volunteer Policy when registering.

Satisfy your 8 hours by July 21 or pay $250 in August.


You can also sign up for 2-hour slots at the SNACK SHACK at Sycamore Park on game days Monday - Fridays and Saturdays. We cannot open for business without volunteers. 

For Special Events and Snack Shack, select your volunteer slot by logging in and going to Volunteer Assignment Status.


  • When:  Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-29, 2016
    • Spectators can join events on May 28 from 9:30 am - 2 pm
  • Where:  Dublin Sports Park
  • Hosted By:  California District 57

The 11th Annual Challenger Jamboree was another great success, and we are looking forward to our 12th Annual Challenger Jamboree event! The weekend will feature games, sightseeing, and other special events.   

Majors players will be "buddies" for participating players. Parents wishing to help can assist in serving lunch.

Come and join us for this inspiring event!  We look forward to welcoming you and your family.


In 2016, TVLL set out to accomplish three significant and vital safety initiatives to help better protect everyone associated with our league:

  1. Purchase Approved Volunteer Safety Pins
  2. Purchase an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to be used at the Sycamore Fields
  3. Conduct CPR and AED Training

Here are a few things you can do to further the initiatives:

  • Pick up and wear your Approved Volunteer Pins at all times on the playing field
  • Review the following about the AED:
  • The AED will be centrally located at field 5 in the score booth. That is the grass field located behind the snack shack where the major teams typically play. If the booth is not open, please use the code 2020 to access the key pad and proceed to open the booth. The device is in a yellow case and should be clearly visible and hanging in the score booth.
  • We will be placing air horns at each field in the score booth. If an emergency situation arises please use the air horn to alert folks that may be at field 5 or in close proximity to immediately locate and bring the AED to the field where the horn is being deployed. Continue using the air horn until you know someone has the AED device and is on the way. If you are at field 5 using the blow horn will obviously not be needed.
  • At the same time, someone at the location where the emergency situation is at should be sent running to field 5 to retrieve the device and someone should be calling 911 for help.
  • The AED device will have both adult and infant pads.


Proof of Age

Determination and validation of a player's "Little League Age" is essential for placement into the appropriate level of play and to qualify for post-season Tournament play in the advanced levels. Adequate documentation must be presented at the time of the original registration of a player in the league, and re-examination of the documentation will be required prior to qualification for Tournament play. Original proof-of-age documents issued by federal, state or provincial registrars of vital statistics, or local offices thereof, are acceptable proof of age, provided the documents were issued within thirty (30) days of the birth of the child.

NOT ACCEPTABLE AS SOLE PROOF OF BIRTH: Baptismal Certificate; Certificate of Blessing; Certificate of Dedication; Certificate of Circumcision, etc.; Hospital Certificate; photocopied records.

Proof of Residence

A player will be deemed to reside within the league boundaries if his/her parents are living together and are residing within the league boundaries OR either of the player's parents (or his/her court-appointed legal guardians) resides within such boundaries. "Residence", "reside", and "residing" refers to a place of bona fide continuous habitation. A place of residence, once established, shall not be considered changed unless the parents, parent, or guardian makes a bona fide change in residence. Enrollment of an player in a school located within the TVLL boundaries or the employment of a parent or guardian within TVLL boundaries alone does NOT satisfy Little League residency requirements.

Residence shall be established and supported by THREE OR MORE documents of residency of such parent(s) or guardian, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Driver's License
  2. Voter's Registration
  3. School Records
  4. Welfare Records
  5. Federal, state and local tax records
  6. Support payment records
  7. Homeowner or tenant property insurance records
  8. Utility bills (utilities, telephone, cable are all considered one source. Two others, from list above, are required.)


Drop by Mountain Mike's Pizza in Danville on April 23, May 6 and/or June 2 and mention "TVLL" and 20% of your purchase comes back to us!


If you are no longer interested in receiving news and information from TVLL (e.g. moved out of area, player has aged out, player no longer wants to play), please login as a member and update your Parent/User Information and check the box next to "Email Opt-out".


Call the Town of Danville to check the status of field closures: (925) 314-3484. The Town updates this line twice a day, when needed.

For the Synthetic Turf Fields located at Sycamore Park, families should always expect to arrive prior to game times as rarely are those fields ever closed due to rain, and games can still be conducted given the nature of the synthetic turf drainage. If conditions become unsafe for play to commence or continue, games will be discontinue or postponed, and such communications will come from the team managers.

Please view the information on our site. If you have any general questions, please email us at info@tvllbaseball.org

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