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As a reminder, the Town of Danville has a Rain Hotline to call to check the status of field closures, (925) 314-3484. The Town updates this line twice a day, when needed. For the Synthetic Turf Fields located at Sycamore Park, families should always expect to arrive prior to game times as rarely are those fields ever closed due to rain, and games can still be conducted given the nature of the synthetic turf drainage. If conditions become unsafe for play to commence or continue, games will be discontinue or postponed, and such communications will come from the team managers.


Little League Day - Oakland A's Ticket Distribution Schedule

Please plan to pick up your A's tickets at one of the following time sessions: (One clarification about picking up tickets. we've gotten a couple of questions and wanted to clarify that the person who actually handled purchasing the tickets is who has to pick up the tickets.  The tickets are under the name of the person that ordered them or organized the order for the team.  If you ordered online by credit card, the tickets are under your name, grouped by your team if you provided me that information.   If you ordered by check on a paper form, the tickets are under the name of the person that organized the order for the team.  Ideally the person that ordered them should pick them up if they are for a group.)

Wednesday, April 2,    5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.   -  Sycamore Snack Shack
Friday, April 4,    5:30 - 7:00 p.m.  -  Sycamore Snack Shack
Saturday April 5,   9:30 - 11:00 a.m. -  108 Mrack Road (neighborhood across from Diablo Vista Middle School)

It will not be possible to distribute tickets the day of the game or at the game, so all tickets need to be picked up on Saturday. If any of those arranged times for distribution don't work, please contact Brent Mosher by clicking here to make other arrangements.

Below are the details for the game day schedule:

 2014 Little League Day - to Participate in the "Chalk Talk"

  • Parking gates open at 8:00 AM. Park in B Lot (enter at Hegenberger Rd).
  • Line up at Gate B at 8:45 AM. Please note, this is adjacent to the Little League Festival in B Lot.
  • Gate B opens at 9:00 AM. A’s Staff will lead you to your seats.
  • Chalk talk runs from 9:30 AM to approximately 10:10 AM.
  • At conclusion of the chalk talk, please exit at Gate B (where you entered) and rejoin the Little League Festival.

2014 Little League Day- to Participate in the Festival and Parade

  • Parking gates open at 8:00 AM. Only the south parking lots will be open. Park in B Lot (enter at Hegenberger Rd).
  • Pregame festival in B Lot runs from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM.
  • Line up in B Lot at 10:30 AM for the parade.
  • Parade begins at 10:45 AM. The cut-off for the parade will be at 11:15 AM.
  • Only uniformed players and coaches will be permitted to participate in the parade. Parents and other family members can enter the Coliseum at 10:45 AM and watch the parade from the seats.
  • Kids 14 and under will receive a special giveaway item at the parade (subject to availability).


Our Snack Shack is officially open for the 2014 season. We are now offering Primos personal pizzas (cheese & pepperoni) for sale at the snack shack for $5 on Saturdays. Check out some of the new lunch offerings.

Volunteer opportunities are now available. Additionally, teams may be assigned snack shack shifts as well to help fill the slots. Get started fulfilling your family's required 8 hours for the season. To view available opportunities please click here. You will need to log in first to register for a volunteer opportunity. **Please note for Snack Shack volunteering, no children under the age of 13 are allowed in the snack shack or ON the counter during your shift!

Please view the information on our site. If you have any general questions, please email us at info@tvllbaseball.org

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