Registration Information

2014 Spring Registration Fees

 DeadlineFee by DeadlineFee after Deadline
League Age 5-61/15/14$210.00$310.00
League Age 7-81/15/14$260.00$360.00
League Age 9-1012/15/13$310.00$410.00
League Age 11-1212/15/13$335.00$435.00
 Intermediate 50/70 (Age 13)12/15/13 $410.00$510.00 
Juniors (Age 13-14)12/15/13$410.00$510.00
Those selected for Junior "Gold" level play will have an additional fee.
Senior / Big League (Age 15-18)  2/15/14$410.00$510.00

Things You Should Know Before Registering

Who is eligible to play

Players between the age of 5 and 18 living in the Tassajara Valley Little League boundaries. View TVLL boundaries.

Little League International rules specify that you need to be able to produce three or more pieces of proof of residency such as driver's license, utility bills or government forms (view residency eligibility requirements).

What Division Level of Play you want to request for your child

To learn about each Division, view our Division Levels of Play document.

Will your child need to attend evaluations?

Yes, for players League Age 9 and older. This help us place them in the correct division

What is League Age?

The Little League year runs from January 1st through December 31st of each year. However, "League Age", which is used to calculate a child's age for playing purposes, runs from May 1st to April 30th.

A short rule of thumb is that if your child was born on or after May 1st, you would subtract one year from their birth age. To calculate your child's League Age by entering their birth date and clicking the button below.

Like the residency requirement, you must also be able to provide proof of your child's birth date. For more information, view the proof of age requirements.

League Age Calculator

League Year
Birth Date

Your medical and emergency contact information

We need this for emergemcy purposes while your child is playing.

How to register

Follow this link to Learn How to Login and Register. In addition, you can also view our Help information on the menu bar.

If you still have specific questions, please contact our Registrar at

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